The Song of the Raven

autumn | spring
2016 – 2017

“For the first time we absolutely consciously and decisively escaped from the sweet and girlish style which has become so recognizable for us. And we decided on provocation. Christina, a part of the creative team, drew three graphic and detailed ravens, which we used as pattern in our pleasantly gloomy collection with soft pale pink and nude accents. We kept the fitted waists but we embarked on a real adventure with lots of tulle, thick wool and tough silk, which definitely surprised our fans. A series of gorgeous jewels in black and bronze leather were again created by PAPIETA.”

The people behind

photography and retouch:

Diliana Florentin

and styling:

Antoniya Yordanova and
Kristina Butchvarova

raven drawing:

Kristina Butchvarova

modelier constructor:

Daniela Popova


Slav Anastasov

hair styling:

Georgi Petkov


Gergana Bangeeva and Krasimira CUCCIO Bulgaria

jewelry design:



Olga Modeva @ Ivet Fashion


APERLAI @ Plus Zero Concept Store

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