The Tulips garden

spring | summer

“We chose the tulip as a main inspiration, we drew it, we stylized it and we took it to several diverse but favourite to our fans fabric patterns! Without any hesitation, the statistics shows that this is our best-selling collection, which is explained by the fact that there is no other more intransitive motif than the floral one, and the fact that this one was created especially for this collection. The fact that it became part of very comfortable and feminine dresses, worked well for us and for our clientele.”

The people behind

photography and retouch:

Diliana Florentin

and styling:

Antoniya Yordanova and
Kristina Butchvarova

modelier constructor:

Daniela Popova


Slav Anastasov

hair styling:

Georgi Petkov

photopgrahy assistant:

Verginiya Yancheva


Eleonora @ Visages


Bibi Kopoeva at Mirror Mirror

caps and hats:

45 Street

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