The Sport n’ Chic collection

spring | summer

“We decided to create an unpredictable combination of sports elements. Minimalism and geometry, keeping our recognizable features and adding the influence which we haven’t used up to that moment. It turned out logical to us to add to it the respectively massive and unequivocal jewelry which Milko Boyarov made for us again – plexiglass Numbers pendants and earrings.”

The people behind

photography and retouch:

Diliana Florentin


Antoniya Yordanova

fashion design:

Antoniya Yordanova &
Christina Butchvarova @ KNAPP

modelier constructor:

Daniela Popova

photography assistant:

Verginia Yancheva


Alina Manova

hair styling:

Marina Popova @ Georgi Petkov salon


Christina Mileva @ Ivet Fashion MA

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