The Alley with the rabbits Light

spring | summer

“The Alley with the rabbits turned into an absolute commotion because of our collaboration with the illustrator Zina Nedelcheva who created some of the most distinctive fairy creatures in her work. And we turned them into various prints, which made this collection truly outstanding. A model from the look-book of the collection was one of the most noteworthy fashion and lifestyle influencers in Bulgaria – Bilyana Slaveykova – Bibons.”

The people behind


Diliana Florentin

photography assistant:

Verginiya Yancheva

original rabbit drawings:

Zina Nedelcheva

hair styling:

Georgi Petkov for The Snakes


Daniela Avramova


Bilyana B. Slaveykova

post production:

Diliana Florentin and
Verginia Yancheva

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